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Vernon County Republican Party Administration & Organization


Vernon County Republican Party Officers

The Vernon County Republican Party has 4 Officer Positions. These positions are nominated and elected by the general members at the Lincoln Day call to Caucus in odd numbered years. Officers for the years 2019 to 2020 are:

Chairman         Roger Call

Vice-Chairman  Ron Hoff

Secretary          Sheila Olson

Treasurer          Jerry Pedretti


The 3rd District GOP encompasses all or parts of 18 counties in Wisconsin.   

The 12 counties totally contained in the 3rd are: Adams, Buffalo, Crawford, Dunn, Eau Claire, Grant, La Crosse, Pepin, Pierce, Portage, Vernon, and Trempealeau.  

The 6 counties that are partially in the 3rd are: Chippewa, Jackson, Juneau, Monroe, Richland, and Wood

Vernon County Republican Party Executive Committee

 The Executive Committee shall be the policy making body of the organization subject to the general authority of the membership in a regularly called caucus. It shall have authority to transact necessary business between caucuses; to advise the County Chairman and other officers; to complete slates of delegates and alternates to District Caucuses and State Conventions or to delegate such authority to the County Chairperson; and shall also have control and management of the property and funds of the organization.  

The Executive Committee of this organization shall consist of the following members: A. The four (4) elected officers of the organization 

B. The five (5) at large members elected by the County caucuses  

C.  The Committee Chairpersons appointed  by the Chairman

D. The  Chairperson of any active Young Republican Clubs in Vernon County

E.  The President of any active Republican Women’s Clubs in Vernon County 

F.  Any Party member who holds an elected County, State, or Federal  office.

 Electing officers and five (5) members of the Executive Committee of this   organization, as provided in Article IV, in the odd numbered years 

The current 2019 to 2021 Executive Committee Members are:  

Roger Call, Hazel Cornell, Tim Gaskell, Rachel Hanson, Adrian Hendrickson, Ron Hoff, Kathy Loefflad,Tony Kurtz, Dawn Nemec, Lee Nerison, Rod Ofte, Hiram Lund, Loren Oldenburg, Garrick Olerud, Sheila Olson, Jerry Pedretti, Konna Spaeth, John Spears.

Vernon County Republican Party Delegates and Alternates

In 2020 the maximum number of Members the Vernon County Republican Party is authorized to send to a Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention is 26 Delegates. If any of those named 26 Member Delegates are unable to attend, Members from an Alternate List may replace a Delegate. The Member Alternate list is limited to the same number as the allowed on the Delegate List, for 2020 the maximum is 26 Alternates.


An annual caucus of the membership shall be held prior to April 1 of each year for the purpose of:

A.  Electing delegates and alternates to the District Committee and the State  Convention.

B.  Electing officers and five (5) members of the Executive Committee of this  organization, as provided in Article IV, in the odd numbered years, and, 

C.  Transacting any other business, which may properly come before said caucus

The purpose of this organization shall be:

A. To preserve, support, and advance fundamental Republican principles and policies as promoted from time to time in either the National or Wisconsin Platforms of the party.

B. To promote the election to public office of qualified and capable citizens who subscribe to those principles.

C. To Preserve the Republic form of government as created under the Constitution of the United States of America.

D. To direct, manage, supervise and control the business, property, and funds of the Vernon County Republican Party and to serve as a unit of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

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3rd District Republican Party of Wisconsin

The 3rd District GOP  WI Executive Committee includes: The 4 officers of  the District and the Chair and Vice Chair of all 18 county parties.



Republican Party of Vernon County Constitution and By-Laws, 2-15-2020